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IGD: Dropping a Perpendicular Line

Math Content:

Constructing a line perpendicular to a given line and through a point not on the line is one of the most important constructions in geometry. This process is known as dropping a perpendicular, because a perpendicular line is "dropped" from the point to the line.

      How to Use 


      ·  Use the points on the sliders to adjust the radii of the circles.

      ·  You can drag points to change the location and orientation of the construction.




      The buttons will appear sequentially.

      The Reset button will allow you to start over.

  • Construct a proof of this construction. If you need a hint, click on the Hint- Why It Works button at the end of the construction.
  •  Where do you see perpendicular lines in real-life.
  •  Create a scenario where you would need to drop a perpendicular line from a specific point.