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Sound Sketch Tool

6-8, 9-12
GeometryData Analysis and Probability
Math Content:
Geometry, Data Analysis and Probability

Sound can be measured and quantified in many different ways. Sheet music is one way to represent a series of sounds. MP3 players and computers use a different representation to store a sound. This activity includes software that allows you to sketch and quantify sound using two different representations.

The Sound Sketch Tool can be used to write and play musical tones.

 The Ear button will allow you to hear a pre-recorded song.
 The Pencil button allows you to draw sounds on the graph. Hold down the Shift key to draw perfect horizontal lines.
 The Eraser buttons allows you to erase parts of the graph. Click this button twice to erase the entire sketch.
 The Color button allows you to choose a different color to use with the Pencil. Each color represents a different type of sound.
 The Music button will play the song you've drawn as if it were sheet music.
 The Computer button will play the song you've drawn as if it were a computer sound file.
Draw several line segments, each of a different color, at the same height.
  • What happens when the Music button is pressed?
  • How does the song change when the Computer button is pressed?