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Coin Box

Pre-K-2, 3-5
Count with understanding and recognize 'how many' in sets of objects.
Math Content:
Count with understanding and recognize 'how many' in sets of objects.

Learn how to count, collect, exchange, and make change for coins. The coin tiles help you count as you learn the value of each coin. How many of the games can you master?

A video tutorial is also available to demonstrate the use of this applet. 

Begin your exploration of this tool by using the Learn feature in the opening menu. This will show you the value of coins and their corresponding coin tiles. The coin tiles are sized according to their value and how they fit in the 10×10 coin box, which represents $1.

3483 New When you understand the value of a coin, click tje Next button to see the next coin.

3483 Reset If you would like to see the animation for a coin again, click the Repeat button.

3483 Home When you are finished learning the values of the coins, click the Home button.


3483 Coin 3483 Tile For all games, you can start either in coin or coin tile view. The view can also be changed within the game. By default, games will start in coin view.


Toolbar: The red toolbar along the top gives you the instruction for the problem and controls.

3483 HomeHome returns you to the home menu.

3483 HelpHelp Shows the value of each coin shown in the active workspace.

3483 CheckCheck checks the answer. In problems requiring a numerical answer, type the answer to the left of the Check button. For other problems, the active workspace will be checked.

3483 NewNew gives a new problem.

3483 ResetReset resets the problem to its initial view.

Active Workspace: The large center area is where you will do all work to complete a problem. You can add, remove, and move coins in this area. In the coin tile view, there will be a coin box where you can arrange coin tiles to help you count the value. The darker 2×5 outlines allow for counting similar to a ten-frame.

Bank: The bottom left bank lets you add and remove coins to and from the active workspace. In the Count and Exchange games, adding and removing may be disabled. The bank is also used in exchanging coins.

Exchange: The bottom center area allows you to change coins for an equivalent group of coins. In the right half, place coins from the active workspace. In the left, coins from the bank. Any number of coins may be moved to either area as long as the total of both halves are equal.

3483 Exchange When you are done placing coins to be exchanged, click the Exchange button. If your exchange is invalid, a large X will be shown. If your exchange is valid, exchanged coins will move to the workspace.

Inactive View: The bottom right area shows the view not currently in the active workspace. It may be helpful at times to see both.

3483 View To change views, either click the Change View button or click on the inactive view.

3483 Hide If you only want to see the active workspace, you can hide and unhide the inactive view.