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Name Letters

3-5, 6-8, 9-12
Math Content:

Miss Spelling bought chocolate letters so that her students could spell their names. However, the total cost for each student's name varied greatly, since some letters cost more than others. If you were one of Miss Spelling's students, how much would your name cost? Full details can be found in the Exploration section below or by viewing the Name Letters Activity Sheet.
pdficonName Letters Activity Sheet

When you think you've cracked the code and can determine the cost of your name, check your answer using the form below.

Your Name:



  • Enter in your name and the total cost you think your name costs in chocolate.
  • Then, click the Check Answer button.
  • The results will tell you whether you are correct or not.

There are 29 students in Miss Spelling’s class. As a special holiday gift, she bought each of them chocolate letters with which they can spell their names. Unfortunately, some letters cost more than others — for instance, the letter A, which is in high demand, is rather pricey; whereas the letter Q, which almost no one wants, is relatively inexpensive. The price of the chocolate letters for each student in her class is shown in the table below.


AIDEN – 386ARI – 209ARIEL – 376BLAIRE – 390CHARLES – 457
CLARE – 334DEAN – 317EARL – 307FRIDA – 273GABRIEL – 410
IVY – 97KOLE – 249LEIA – 317LEO – 242MAVIS – 246
NADINE – 453NED – 236PAUL – 167QASIM – 238RACHEL – 394
RAFI – 231SAM – 168TIRA – 299ULA – 148VERA – 276
VIJAY – 179WOLKE – 272XAVIER – 346ZERACH – 355 


How much would it cost to buy the letters in your name?