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4.6.2a Discussing Strategies Extension

Number and OperationsGeometryMeasurementData Analysis and Probability
Math Content:
Number and Operations, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis and Probability

Students estimate the number of cranberries rather than the number of scoops.

Please refer to the Instructions tab for video.

In this video segment, consider how this estimation activity provides an opportunity for the student with Down's Syndrome to participate.

 ----- Transcript Begins ------
Students:  Too little
Student:  Okay
(Students working)
Student:  Maybe we should change our estimate?
Boy:  Okay, write down our estimate.
Teacher:  Okay, what are you up to?
Teacher Narration:  A Down's Syndrome child was
included in this lesson.  He was doing the
tallying assisted by his aide.  At another
time, he was making sure it was level. So,
in a number of ways, he was included.
Teacher:  Watch your thumb, Devon.  You need to
move your thumb,
Devon.  Yeah.
Boy 3:  It's too skinny.
Teacher:  Yeah.
Boy 3:  See, I can't even fit them in.
Teacher:  If you hold it like this, yeah, there
you go. That makes a good funnel.
Aide:  That's another one.  Put another line down.
------ Transcript Ends   -----

Video Credit

Roche, Robert . "Cranberry Estimation." In Estimating produced by WGBH Boston. Teaching Math, A Video Library, K–4. Funded and distributed by the Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project, P.O. Box 2345, S. Burlington, VT 05407-2345, 1-800-LEARNER.