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Calculation Nation

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About Calculation Nation® 

Calculation Nation® uses the power of the Web to let students challenge opponents from anywhere in the world. At the same time, students are able to challenge themselves by investigating significant mathematical content and practicing fundamental skills. The element of competition adds an extra layer of excitement.

The games of Calculation Nation® are organized around content from the upper elementary and middle grades math curriculum. By becoming a citizen of Calculation Nation®, your child or student will play online math strategy games that allow them to learn about fractions, factors, multiples, symmetry and more, as well as practice important skills like basic multiplication and calculating area — all while having fun.

“The games on Calculation Nation® provide an entertaining environment where students can explore rich mathematics,” said Jim Rubillo, former Executive Director of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). “Through these games, students are exposed to the same mathematical topics that they see in class as well as those that are recommended in Curriculum Focal Points." 

“It has been great to see students, who might not otherwise pair up, find each other online and play the games with each other,” said Flores, a teacher who uses Calculation Nation as part of her math "rotations". It is fun for students, and Flores is comfortable using it because, “[she] has confidence in the quality since it is from NCTM.”  

"Every day at the beginning of my class, I play a game on CN. It is successful because students can play on their own outside of class. The games are well designed, and the students benefit mathematically." -John Donovan, Ph.D Associate Professor (Plymouth State University)

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