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What's in a Name?

Data Analysis and Probability
Grace M. Burton
Location: unknown

Students explore sets of names and create bar graphs, pictographs, glyphs, and circle graphs. They also find the range, compute measures of center, and create box and whisker plots.  

Math Content 

Students will: 

  • Create circle graphs, pictographs, and bar graphs.  
  • Find the range of a set of data.  
  • Find the measures of center.  
  • Create box and whiskers plots.  
  • Compare related sets of data.  
  • Compare different representations of the same data.  

Data Analysis and Probability

First Names First

Students create bar graphs and find the range and mode of a set of data. They explore the relationship of vowels to consonants in their names.
Data Analysis and Probability

Last Names Next

Students create bar graphs and circle graphs and find the range and mode of two data sets.
Data Analysis and Probability

Creating Pictographs

Students create pictographs and answer questions about the data set.
Data Analysis and Probability

Comparing Averages

Students create a box and whisker plot and compare the mean, median, and mode of a set of data.
Data Analysis and Probability

Describing Data

Students create glyphs based on the characteristics of their names. They also enter data into a spreadsheet and sort it in several ways.