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Turtle Pond

Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8
Math Content:
Geometry, Measurement

Guide a turtle to a pond using computer commands.

Check the box for Path 1 or Path 2 and click Draw to see sample paths. To erase a path, press Clear.

To create a path of your own, use the sliders to adjust the length or angle, and then press the Forward, Back, or Turn buttons to enter a sequence of commands. Click Draw to see your path. If the path did not get the turtle to the pond, add more commands.

  Enter a sequence of commands to help the turtle get to the pond. The turtle will then move along a path according to your instructions.

  • How far does your turtle travel to get to the pond?
  • Can you find a shorter path to the pond?
  • How long is the shortest path to the pond?

Set forward = 5, back = 7, right turn = 30, and left turn = 75. Using only these possible moves, guide the turtle to the pond. Try the same activity using different values for the four moves.