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Lesson Highlights

  • Tree Talk (3-8)

    Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22, 2014! Celebrate it with this time-themed lesson plan! Students will measure the circumference of local trees in order to find the diameter and calculate the trees' ages using a growth rate table.

  • Digging Up Improper Fractions (3-5)

    Love the Calculation Nation game, Dig It? Then check out this new lesson plan on how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers!

  • Tetrahedral Kites (6–12)

    Celebrate spring by building a mathematical kite!

Newest Lessons

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Hotel Snap: Building for Profit

3-5, 6-8

Students will be required to build a high-profit yielding hotel using snap cubes. Building costs, rules and regulations, taxes, and income are all variables that students will be required to take into consideration.


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Geometry in Computer Games? An Exploration of Tessellations Used in neXtu

In this lesson students will develop a definition for tessellations.  They will also analyze the importance of the tessellated game board in playing and winning the game NeXtu on the Calculation Nation website.
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Number and Operations

Digging Up Improper Fractions: Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers for “Dig It” Game

This lesson provides a hands-on approach to converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.  In addition, students locate improper fractions on a number line. Students use number cards and counters as manipulatives while exploring the relationship between improper fractions and mixed numbers. Students reinforce their skills while playing a modified version of Calculation Nation’s “Dig It.”
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Number and Operations

Desafío en las Profundidades del Mar

3-5, 6-8

Utilizando el juego en linea Deep Sea Duel, los estudiantes participan en un juego de tarjetas contra Okta. El objetivo es elegir tarjetas de modo que algún subconjunto de tres tarjetas den una cantidad determinada. Los estudiantes jugaran variaciones del juego, intentando identificar una estrategia ganadora, y harán comparacion de este juego con otros juegos que ellos conocen. 

See this lesson plan in English.

Esta lección es basada en el artículo, "What Is The Name of This Game?" de John Mahoney, el cual apareció en Octubre del 2005 en la publicación de Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, Volumen 11, Número 3, página 150–154.

Data Analysis and Probability

Conduct an Experiment

Sea gulls and crows feed on various types of mollusks by lifting them into the air and dropping them onto a rock to break open their shells. Biologists have observed that northwestern crows consistently drop a type of mollusk called a whelk from a mean height of about 5 meters. The crows appear to be selective; they pick up only large-sized whelks. They are also persistent. For instance, one crow was observed to drop a single whelk 20 times. Scientists have suggested that this behavior is an example of decision-making in optimal foraging.

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