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Interactive Highlights

  • Turtle Pond (Pre-K–8)

    Estimate length and angle measure while guiding a turtle to a pond using computer commands!

  • Pan Balance- Shapes

    This updated HTML5 applet allows students to build algebraic thinking by exploring shapes of unknown weight. Go ahead and play this on your desktop or mobile device today! 

  • Mobile Interactives

    Is your school 1-1? Integrate technology into your classroom using these tablet-optimized interactives today!

New Interactives

Beginning to understand the relationship between change and accumulation is a precursor to understanding calculus. This example illustrates the use of dynamic graphs to learn about change and linear relationships, as described in the  Algebra Standard. 6354 ...

This three-part example illustrates the use of iteration, recursion, and algebra to model and analyze the changing amount of medicine in an athlete's body. This example is adapted from High School Mathematics at Work , a publication from the National Research Council (1998, p. 80). These activities allo...

Using interactive figures, students can investigate how changing the height of a rectangle with a fixed width changes its area. As discussed in the Number Standard , understanding multiplication by fractions and decimals can be challenging for middle-grades students if experiences with multiplication ...

Students develop an understanding of how to justify geometric relationships in a technological environment, as described in the  Geometry Standard . 6358 ...

This example allows students to explore three methods for measuring how well a linear model fits a set of data points. The Data Analysis and Probability Standard calls for students to explore how residuals (the difference between a predicted and observed value) may be used to measure the "goodness of ...

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