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Interactive Highlights

  • Turtle Pond (Pre-K–8)

    Estimate length and angle measure while guiding a turtle to a pond using computer commands!

  • Pan Balance- Shapes

    This updated HTML5 applet allows students to build algebraic thinking by exploring shapes of unknown weight. Go ahead and play this on your desktop or mobile device today! 

  • Mobile Interactives

    Is your school 1:1? Integrate technology into your classroom using these tablet-optimized interactives today!

New Interactives

eEx_5.4 ICON
Data Analysis and Probability

5.4 Accessing and Investigating Data Using the World Wide Web

Use census data available on the Web to examine questions about population.
eEx_6.3.2 ICON

6.3.2 Side Length, Volume, and Surface Area of Similar Solids

Manipulate the scale factor that links two three-dimensional rectangular prisms and learn about the relationships among edge lengths, surface areas, and volumes.
eEx_7.2.3 ICON

7.2.3 Graphing the Situation

Analyze an interactive graph to interpret results.
eEx_7.2.1 ICON

7.2.2 Long Term Effect


Investigate how changing parameter values affects the stabilization level of medicine in the body.

eEx_7.2.1 ICON

7.2.1 Modeling the Situation

Use an interactive environment to become familiar with the parameters involved and the range of results that can be obtained.

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