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  • Web Sketchpad

    Illuminations' newest collection of desktop- and tablet-friendly interactives is growing. Check out our Web Sketchpads today!

  • Pan Balance- Shapes

    This updated HTML5 applet allows students to build algebraic thinking by exploring shapes of unknown weight. Go ahead and play this on your desktop or mobile device today! 

  • Mobile Interactives

    Is your school 1:1? Integrate technology into your classroom using these tablet-optimized interactives today!

New Interactives

Handshakes ICON
Data Analysis and Probability


3-5, 6-8

When the nine justices of the Supreme Court meet, they greet one another with a handshake to show harmony of purpose, even though their views may differ. How many handshakes occur? In general, how many handshakes occur when there are n people?

DiagonalsToQuadrilaterals ICON

Diagonals to Quadrilaterals

This interactive allows users to investigate three types of quadrilaterals; ones with: perpendicular bisectors, congruent perpendicular bisectors, and congruent bisectors.
AreaOfTriangles ICON

Area of Triangles

3-5, 6-8

To find the area of a triangle, try to make a parallelogram using a copy of the triangle.

AreaOfRectangles ICON

Area of Rectangles

3-5, 6-8

This applet allows for the exploration of the area of rectangles.

AngleBisector ICONn

Angle Bisector


This interactive demonstrates how to bisect an angle.

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