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(App Store) (Web Version) 

The rules are simple: Place numbers into each cell of the grid's "cages" to create true mathematical statements. But watch out; each cage has to be completed without repeating a number in any row or column! Can you become skilled enough to unlock the bonus No-Op puzzles? Try it and find out.

OktaPiFight ICON MobileOkta Pi Fight

(App Store) (Web Version) 

Pi Fight is designed to help students become comfortable with using both radians and degrees. Choose between radians, degrees, or a combination of both to hit Okta, the octopus.

PickAPath ICON MobilePick-a-Path

(App Store) (Google Play) (Web Version) 

Help Okta reach the target by choosing a path from the top of the maze to the bottom. Seven levels with seven puzzles will test your skills with powers of ten, negative numbers, fractions, decimals, and more. How many starfish can you earn?

DeepSeaDuel ICON MobileDeep Sea Duel

(App Store) (Google Play) (Web Version) 

Okta challenges you to a duel! Collect numbers with a specified sum, and you win! But you better do it before Okta does! Choose the number of numbers, players, complexity, and language.

oktasrescueOkta's Rescue

(App Store) (Google Play) (Web Version)

Oh, no! Okta and his friends need help. Help rescue them by transporting them to a safe ocean. How fast can you transport the Oktas? Use your counting skills to save as many as you can before the timer runs out.

EquivalentFractions ICON MobileEquivalent Fractions

(App Store) (Web Version) 

Create equivalent fractions by dividing and shading squares or circles, and match each fraction to its location on the number line. Check your work, and use the table feature to capture results and look for patterns. Got a particular value for which you’d like to make equivalent fractions? Use “Build Your Own” mode.


(App Store) (Google Play) (Web Version) 

By yourself or against a friend, match whole numbers, shapes, fractions, or multiplication facts to equivalent representations. Practice with the clear panes or step up the challenge with the windows closed. How many socks can you in?

Apps Optimized for Your Desktop and Tablet

/uploadedImages/Content/Activities/AdjustableSpinner.jpgAdjustable Spinner 

Pre-K – Grade 12 

Create a spinner to examine experimental and theoretical outcomes.

GeometricSolids ICONGeometric Solids 

Pre-K – Grade 12 

Manipulate various geometric solids and investigate their properties.

FiveFrameFive Frame 

Pre-K – Grade 2 

Practice counting and adding by 5's.

TenFrameTen Frame 

Pre-K – Grade 2 

Practice counting and adding by 10's.

OktasRescueOkta's Rescue 

Pre-K – Grade 2 

Count and subitize by playing a game.

GroupingAndGrazing ICONGrouping and Grazing 

Pre-K – Grade 2 

Count, add, and subtract by grouping cows.

eEx_4.1 ICONCreating, Describing, and Analyzing Patterns 

Pre-K – Grade 2 

Build patterns or recreate one from given square arrays.

DynamicPaperDynamic Paper 

Pre-K – Grade 12 

Create customized activity sheets for your classroom.

CoinBoxCoin Box 

Pre-K – Grade 5 

Manipulate coins using an array representation.
BobbieBearBobbie Bear 

Bobbie Bear – Spanish 

Pre-K – Grade 5 

Use counting strategies to make outfits with different colored shirts and pants.


Pre-K – Grade 5 

Play a matching game with different representations of equivalent items.

PatchTool ICONPatch Tool 

Pre-K – Grade 5 

Design a pattern using geometric shapes.

ShapeTool ICONShape Tool 

Pre-K – Grade 8 

Draw, color, paste, slice, rotate, reflect, expand, and contract various shapes.

Cubes ICONCubes 

Grades 3–5 

Determine the volume of a box by filling it with cubes, rows of cubes, or layers of cubes. Also, determine the surface area by using the box's net.

PanBalanceNumbersPan Balance – Numbers 

Grades 3–8 

Find equivalent numerical expressions using a balance scale.

PanBalanceShapesPan Balance – Shapes 

Grades 3–8 

Explore relationships among the weights of various objects by placing them on either side of a balance.

FactorGameFactor Game 

Grades 3–8 

Exercise your factoring ability against a human or the computer.

ProductGameProduct Game 

Grades 3–8 

Exercise factor and multiples skills.

CubeNets ICONCube Nets 

Grades 3–8 

Examine various two-dimensional figures to determine which ones can be folded into a cube.

FractionGame ICONFraction Game 

Grades 3–8 

Explore relationships among fractions while playing an interactive game.

TessellationCreator ICONTessellation Creator 

Grades 3–8 

Create patterns to cover the screen using regular polygons.

PanBalanceExpressionsPan Balance – Expressions 

Grades 3–12 

Investigate the concept of equivalence by "weighing" numeric and algebraic expressions.

IsometricDrawingTool ICONIsometric Drawing Tool 

Grades 3–12 

Create dynamic drawings on an isometric dot grid.

FractionModels ICONFraction Models 

Grades 6–8 

Explore several different representations for fractions.

Factorize ICONFactorize 

Grades 6–8 

Divide numbers into two factors and build arrays to represent each factorization.

LineOfBestFit ICONLine of Best Fit 

Grades 6–12 

Plot a set of data and determine a line of best fit.

AlgebraTilesAlgebra Tiles 

Grades 6–12 

Manipulate algebra tiles to solve equations, substitute in expressions, and expand and factor.

TrigonometricGraphing ICONTrigonometric Graphing 

Grades 9–12 

Explore the amplitude, period, and phase shift of various trigonometric functions.