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Random Drawing Tool - Individual Trials

Data Analysis and Probability
Math Content:
Data Analysis and Probability

This applet simulates drawing tickets from a box, where each ticket has a number written on it. After you decide which tickets to place in the box, the applet chooses tickets at random. The relative frequency of each number is displayed in a frequency distribution at the bottom of the applet.

  • To Enter Data: Click on the numbers to place a ticket in the box. (You can click on a number more than once to enter it in the box multiple times. This will increase the likelihood of that number being drawn.) A maximum of 21 tickets can be placed in the box.
  • To Randomly Draw Tickets: Click on the Start button to randomly draw tickets from the box (with replacement) and view the experimental probability of drawing a given ticket.
  • To Pause the Drawing: Click the Pause button, and the box model will stop drawing tickets. You can then click on any bar in the bar chart to display the current relative frequency. In Pause mode, you can also scroll through the numbers drawn thus far. Click the Start button to resume drawing tickets.

Place one 1, two 2's, three 3's, four 4's, five 5's, and six 6's in the box.

  • There are more 6's in the box than any other number. Does this mean that if just one ticket is drawn, it will be a 6? (Try it. Do you get a 6? How many of your classmates get a 6 with just one draw?
  • If 100 tickets were drawn, which number would you expect to occur the most? …the least?