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Web Sketchpad Interactives

All of the Web Sketchpad activities below are optimized for your desktop and tablet.

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Grades 3 – 5  Grades 6 – 8  Grades 9 – 12 
Grades 3–5   Standards  

AreaOfRectangles ICONArea of Rectangles 

This applet allows for the exploration of the area of rectangles. 

Standards ICON Geometry 

AreaOfTriangles ICONArea of Triangles 

How do you find the area of a triangle?


Standards ICON Geometry 

Bunny Times BunnyTimes ICON 

Become confident in facts up to 12 x 12 using visual models that stress the conceptual aspects of multiplication.

Standards ICON Numbers&Operations 
Grades 6-8   Standards  
Handshakes ICON


In general, how many handshakes occur when there are n people?

Standards ICON DataAnalysis&Probability 

Isosceles Triangle Area IsoscelesTriangleArea ICON 

Explore when an isosceles triangle obtains its maximum area.

Standards ICON Geometry 

Proof Without Words: Pythagorean Theorem ProofWithoutWords:PythagoreanTheorem ICON 

Why is c2=a2+b2?

Standards ICON Geometry 

Pythagorean Review PythagoreanReview ICON 

Review and explore the Pythagorean Theorem.

Standards ICON Geometry 

Scale FactorScaleFactor ICON 

Investigate how changes in the scale factor influence the ratio of perimeters and the ratio of areas between two figures.

Standards ICON Geometry 
Grades 9-12   Standards  

AngleBisector ICONAngle Bisector 

This interactive demonstrates how to bisect an angle.  

Standards ICON Geometry 

Circumcircle  Circumcircle ICON 



Euler's Line  EulersLine ICON 

Discover and explore Euler's Line.

Standards ICON Geometry 

IncenterIncircle ICONIncenter-Incircle  

This applet allows for the discovery of the incenter and incircle of a triangle.

Standards ICON Geometry 

Power of a Point PowerOfAPoint ICON  

What, if any, relationships can you identify among the segments (for each chord) and radius?

Standards ICON Geometry 

Proof Without Words: Completing the Square  ProofWithoutWords:CompletingTheSquare ICON 

Why is {x^2} + ax = {(a + \frac{a}{2})^2} - {(\frac{a}{2})^2}?

 Standards ICON Algebra 

Simson Line  SimsonLine ICON 

This applet allows for the construction and exploration of the Simson Line.

 Standards ICON Geometry 

Soccer Problem  SoccerProblem ICON  

Where should a soccer player be placed so that she has the best chance of making a goal?

 Standards ICON Geometry