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Angle Bisector

Math Content:

This interactive demonstrates how to bisect an angle.


How to Use

  • Change Angle AOB by dragging Point A or B.
  • Drag Angle AOB by dragging Point O.
  • While moving through the steps, you can manipulate the angle and its properties by dragging any point.



  • By clicking on these buttons, you will reveal the next step in the construction.

Why It Works 

  • Reveals that the distance from Point Z to any point on either side of the angle (equidistant to Point O) is equivalent.

Angle Measures 

  • Display the measure of Angle AOB and the angles created by the bisection.

At any time, you can press the Reset button to start over.

  • Construct a proof to demonstrate why Ray OZ bisects Angle AOB.
  • During the construction of the angle bisector, what is the minimum radius that Circles X and Y must have in order to create an angle bisector, and why?