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Circle Grapher

3-5, 6-8
Data Analysis and Probability
Math Content:
Data Analysis and Probability

Use this tool to graph data sets in a circle graph.  You can input your own data or alter a pre-made data set.

  • You may choose from a set of pre-made data sets about daily activity, coin tosses, government spending, and more. The choice menu shown below has the pre-made data sets.
  • You may change the amount or name of a value being graphed. The data must be in the following format:
Value, Name

for example,

7, Hours of Sleep
  • The data may be edited in the data box, and the title of the data set may be changed in the the label "Describe your Data." Both are shown below.
  • The data may be updated after being changed by pressing the Update Chart button, or it may be cleared from the data box by pressing the Clear button. Both of these buttons are shown below.
  • The data is displayed in two ways: as a circle graph with the title of the data below the circle; and as a table, in a separate box underneath the graph. Each value from the data set has its own sector in the circle graph and its own row in the table. Beneath all rows is the sum of all data.
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Data Analysis and Probability

Advanced Data Grapher

6-8, 9-12
The Advanced Data Grapher can be used to analyze data with box plots, bubble graphs, scatterplots, histograms, and stem-and-leaf plots.