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Parking at the Mall

Students participate in an activity in which they develop number sense in and around the shopping mall. They develop their skills in determining percents and estimating area.
Number and Operations

Fun with Baseball Stats

The following grades 6-8 activities allow students to explore statistics surrounding baseball. They are exposed to connections between various mathematical concepts and see where this mathematics is used in areas with which they are familiar. This lesson plan is adapted from the May 1996 edition of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. 
888 swim
Number and Operations

Sports Numbers

Students are familiar with sports and sporting events. Whole numbers and fractions are used to represent the size of groups or collections and measurements involving lengths, weights, and times in many sporting and game situations. This knowledge can be used to give the students another picture of numbers.

Figuring In Football

In this primary grades lesson, students identify figures on a football field. They look for both congruent and similar figures, and they consider figures that are the same but that occur in a different orientation because of translation, rotation, or reflection.
Data Analysis and Probability

Averages and The Phantom Tollbooth

Students participate in activities in which they focus on connections between mathematics and children's literature. Using The Phantom Tollbooth as a literature basis, students explore the concept of averages.

Pitching Cards

Students measure distances using standard and nonstandard units and record their measurement in various tables. Then use descriptive statistics to report the results. In this lesson, students play a game in which they pitch cards and measure the distances traveled.
Data Analysis and Probability

Line of Best Fit

6-8, 9-12
Use this activity to practice how to enter a set of data, plot the data on a coordinate grid, and determine the equation for a line of best fit.