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Feb2020 Tiny Cover
Data Analysis and Probability

Model Eliciting Activity (MEA)

3-5, 6-8
This lesson is based on the MTLT article, “Developing Statistical Modeling with Helicopters” by Katie Makar, Sue Allmond, Helen M. Doerr, and Robert C. delMas. This lesson engages students in a model eliciting activity to investigate how long a paper helicopter stays in the air.
Jun2021 Tiny Cover
Number and Operations

Make One (Face-to-Face)

This lesson is based on the MTLT article, “Playing with Fractions” by Juli K. Dixon, Treshonda Rutledge, Jennifer C. Caton, and Edward C. Nolan. In this lesson students model fractions with a fraction kit and reason about adding fractions with unlike denominators.